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Quality without exception

The first criterion we targeted in choosing a chiller supplier was the quality of the components used.

The vast majority of chiller manufacturers, from the largest to the smallest brands, purchase the components and then assemble them to obtain a chiller. But they often buy lower quality components in order to get a cheaper assembled equipment.

We know this industry so we can give you many examples of this kind. Moreover, we have come across chiller manufacturers in our business that “adjust” their technical data. Rest assured that we avoid such suppliers.

When we visited the Hitema production site in Italy, we went with our homework done, knowing where and what to pay attention to. And what we saw made us glad.

Starting from the thickness of the copper pipes – a common but valid indicator of quality – and going to the components with which Hitema equips its chillers, all these convinced us they value quality.

Quality components

Technological innovation

  • And the second criterion we had in mind for choosing the chiller supplier was the emphasis it puts on innovation.
  • We were pleasantly surprised to see that Hitema takes research and development very seriously, at a time when many manufacturers are choosing to copy the solutions of others.

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